Best Coffee Shops on the Islands

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2 Sep 2020
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Local Recommendations

You may be on vacation, but the one thing that doesn’t change is that instinct to start your day off with a freshly-brewed cup of coffee. Something I love to do when I’m someplace new, is to try out the local shops and what they specialize in. Starbucks and Dunkin are great (especially that Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew,) but they’ll still be there back home! Take a chance next time you’re on the Islands, and try one of these locally-owned spots. If you’re the non-coffee drinker in the group, there’s no need to feel left out--we’ve selected some scrumptious picks from each menu that you can try too. Here’s the best places on the Islands for you to get that cup of Joe (featuring some of your favorites!)


  • Cafe Paname (suggested by @hgwinnfran on Instagram!)

    • Isle of Palms

    • Try something new: Espresso Tonic (Espresso+Tonic water)

    • For the non-coffee drinkers: Peach Tea



  • The Refuge ​​

    • ​​​Isle of Palms

    • Try something new: Con panna (Double shot topped with whipped cream)

    • For the non-coffee drinkers: Chai Latte (Great iced!)


  • The Co-Op (suggested by Whitney at our Front Desk!)

  • Sullivan’s Island (& on IOP soon!)
  • Try something new: Nitro Cold Brew (Super smooth cold brew, served without ice)

  • For the non-coffee drinkers: REHAB Smoothie (Avocado, green apple, pineapple, almond milk + honey)


  • Beardcat’s Sweet Shop

    • Sullivan’s Island

    • Try something new: Affogato (2 scoops of gelato with freshly brewed espresso)

    • For the non-coffee drinkers: Beardcat Frozen Lemonade (made with fresh lemons and mint)