Get to Know Our Oceanfront Homes

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11 Nov 2020
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Each area of the island offers something different when it comes to oceanfront homes. Let us introduce you, and you can find your new favorite!

You can also browse through all of our oceanfront options or learn how we can plan your vacation for you!


Pictured: 510 Ocean, 702 Ocean

Our homes on Ocean Blvd. are great picks for large or multiple-family trips, and those that want to be as close to the ocean as possible. These oceanfront homes often feature larger pools if available, and less yard space between the home and the ocean.

Pictured: 2200 Palm, 2408 Palm

Our homes along Palm Blvd. are great for families or larger groups wanting to get away from the crows around Front Beach, but still have quick access to all that Isle of Palms has to offer. These homes typically have very long back yards separating the home from the ocean, so there's plenty of space and typically will be quieter than homes on Ocean Blvd.

Pictured: Ocean Point 46, Summer Dunes Lane 9

Oceanfront homes in Wild Dunes Resort can be a little harder to come by. These homes are typically in the Ocean Point community, which means that you'll be on the very Northern tip of Isle of Palms. Some of the homes on Summer Dunes Lane are also oceanfront, where the beach is very expansive, giving you more room between your home and the ocean. These are great picks for those that are looking for more of a retreat, with peace and quiet.

Pictured: 9 56th Ave., Sand Dune Lane 13