What is a Sports Card?

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16 Sep 2020
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If youve stayed in Wild Dunes before, or are starting your search for a vacation rental in the resort, you've probably seen the term Sports Card before. For those staying in Wild Dunes but renting through an outside rental company, the Sports Card is an added bonus that gives you access to some of the amenities that the resort has to offer. This week we're going to walk you through everything that you can do with a Sports Card, how to use it, and if it's something that you really need when looking for your next IOP getaway. 

  • What is a Sports Card?

A Sports Card is something that owners of properties in Wild Dunes (or the immediate surrounding area outside the resort) can purchase at the beginning of each season. The card gives guests staying at that property access to some of the amenities within the resort, for an additional fee (payable to Wild Dunes.) If the rental property does not have a Sports Card, guests staying at that property will only have access to amenities offered at that individual property (for example, a private pool at a home or community pool at a condo complex.)

  • What amenities are offered with the Sports Card?

    • Access to the Swim Center pool

      • Complimentary at all times, lap swim only until 10:00 AM

    • Access to Grand Pavilion pools after 4:00 PM (free)

    • Access to Tennis Court reservations

      • $20 per court per hour after 12:00 PM

    • Access to Fitness Center

      • $15 per person per day

      • 3 day pass for $40 per person

      • 5 day pass for $50 per person

    • Island Adventures recreation program (childrens' programs)

  • How do you get a Sports Card, and how do you use it?

    • If you've rented a property with a Sports Card, you will receive a printout in your welcome packet, detailing everything you have access to, the phone numbers for the appropriate departments within Wild Dunes, and instructions telling you where to go. Once you arrive at the resort, you'll go to The Village (adjacent to the Boardwalk Inn at Wild Dunes) and head to the Sand and Sea Salon. Here you'll let them know where you're staying (make sure you bring your welcome packet with you!) and they will give you your Sports Card. When you want to utilize the amenities offered, you'll just bring your Sports Card with you!

  • How do you know if a property includes a Sports Card?

    • There are a few ways that you can tell if a property has a Sports Card. If you're looking at a specific property's page on our site, you'll find "Sports Card" listed as an amenity if it is offered at that property. 

  • It will also be in the property's description!

  • If you only want to see properties that offer a Sports Card, you can also check it off on the left hand side of the page on our rental search!

  • Do you need a Sports Card to have a good time in Wild Dunes?

    • Nope! While having a Sports Card definitely is a plus for some people, you don't necessarily need one to have a wonderful time in the resort. Most properties in Wild Dunes are a part of a complex or smaller community within the resort, that offer their own amenities. For example, most of the condo and villa compexes offer community pools, and one even had it's own community tennis courts! If the fitness center is your main interest in wanting a Sports Card, Isle of Palms has a rec center with a cardio room, which is free to use. 

    • If you're looking to stay in Wild Dunes, be sure to pay attention to all of the amenities that are offered at the properties that you're considering. If that property does not have the amenities that you'd like to experience during your stay, then a property with a Sports Card might be right for you!

    • If you find yourself getting confused with everything Wild Dunes has to offer, and what properties are the right fit for you, we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable vacation planners that are right here on the Island to help you out! Just call in or request a call from the bottom right hand page of our site to get in touch with our guest services team.

When you're ready to book your next stay in Wild Dunes, don't forget to consider all of your options to find the place that's right for you!

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