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Long-term rental

Do you ever stop to think about how much perfect timing has to go into the long-term rental process? 

The property owner has to sign on with the perfect property manager. The property manager has to list the unit in the perfect places....

How similar are people when it comes to their vacation habits? Does every person in the world want to take a week-long vacation in July and hit the beach? We admit, it's hard to imagine anyone not wanting that...but, no, the answer is that not every person does. Some...

142 Red Leaf

While most of our Property Management Expert Series blog posts are for the homeowner, sometimes we feel it's important to reach out to another group of people with whom we deeply value our relationship: real estate agents. As a full-service property management firm, Island Realty...

beach puppy

If you have found yourself asking "should I make my vacation rental pet friendly?", then read on to get some insight from our team who is well versed in pet friendly rentals.

House on IOP

In a strong rental market, it can be tempting to be of the opinion that you could easily and quickly get your long-term rental rented without the help of any professional. The Lowcountry definitely qualifies as a strong rental market. So why is...