Good Neighbor

In 1906, a 50-room hotel occupied the shores of Isle of Palms and made its pristine beaches a highly sought-after vacation destination. Since then, ferries, trams, and eventually bridges have helped make the island more accessible, thus turning it into the charming beach town we know and love today!

While Isle of Palms may be well known for its magnificent beach houses and glamorous resort, it is also a permanent slice of paradise for thousands of locals. With a close-knit community full of local shops and restaurants, it’s not hard to imagine why so many people dream of calling Isle of Palms home.

In early 2023, the Isle of Palms City Council introduced an initiative to enforce livability rules more strictly. The goal is to encourage community etiquette among vacationers, so tourists and locals can enjoy the island together. While our community strives to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, we request that vacationers keep in mind that their next-door neighbors may be permanent residents who have a new neighbor each week. Livability officers will help maintain positive relationships by enforcing regulations related to parking violations, noise complaints, unlawful parties, etc. Island Realty guests must be especially mindful, as multiple violations occurring at the same property (even from different guests) may lead to fines and potentially, the loss of rental licenses for our homeowners.

As we move forward, keeping these updates in mind, we encourage you to ‘live like a local’ and make the most of your time on our beautiful Isle of Palms while showing respect to those around you. If you have any questions or would like assistance finding fun activities on and around the island, please feel free to reach out for more information.

“Welcome to the Island, we’re happy that you’re here!

To spend your days down by the beach or fishing at the pier.

When you head home after a day of playing in the sun,

We ask that you remember that you’re not the only ones.

Your neighbors are nearby making memories like you!

So please respect those all around-

We sincerely do thank you!”