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Vacation Rental Management


Island Realty’s owner representatives do exactly as titled. They represent the property owners to assure the owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision. It is the owner representative's job to ensure that the state of the property is always at its best and that the rental income remains consistent. Below is an overview of our services: 

  •  Provide full departmental support, including personalized attention from the assigned owner representative, regardless if you are a rental veteran, or if this is your first experience with property management.
  •  Set competitive rates, assist with special promotions, yield management, and other decisions that maximize both occupancy and rental revenue, including turn dates and lengths of reservations.
  • Coordinate property inspections and periodic walkthroughs to ensure that the home is well maintained.
  • Provide recommendations for maintenance, upgrades, and notifications to re-stock any necessary standard inventory items.
  • Inform the owner of city ordinances, local statutes, and state laws as they pertain to the property. By supplying tax and business information as needed, the owner’s property stays up-to-date with licenses, permits, and insurance information.
  • Send up-to-date feedback on the property by tracking and reporting individual guest surveys and reviews to ensure excellent experiences and repeat visits.
  • Connect the property owner to Island Realty’s in-house maintenance department to help minimize excessive hourly charges by plumbers, electricians, and other specialized contractors.
  • Assist the owner in setting up contract vendors and service companies for amenity maintenance, renovation projects, and disaster planning.
  • Communicate timely, accurately, and considerately with the owner - Island Realty’s owner representatives work with all of the company departments to expedite any needs, requests, or additional information.