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Featured Vendor Series: Mobile Workouts With Michelle

An island vacation doesn't have to mean taking a break from your health and fitness journey.

Plus, nothing pairs better with an incredible beach vacation than a personalized workout experience. That's why Island Realty is overjoyed to partner with Michelle Whitt of Mobile Workouts with Michelle to offer guests a unique way to stay fit while on the island. 

Michelle Whitt is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine and uses her extensive knowledge to offer both 1:1 training and group workouts. Experience everything from a personalized training session to expertly led group sessions (bachelorette parties, we're looking at you!) at a time and location that works for you.

1:1 Session (1 Hr)

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1:1 personal training sessions offer a highly individualized and focused approach to achieving fitness goals, making it an excellent option for those seeking dedicated support and guidance in their fitness journey. Michelle will introduce a variety of exercises, equipment, and training techniques to keep your (weighted circuit or body weight cardio HIIT) sessions interesting and challenging.

These 60-minute workouts take place in a location of your choosing and include a warmup, workout, cool down, and post-workout stretching.

Book your 1:1 session HERE.

Small Group Workout (1 Hr)

Fitness meets camaraderie in these dynamic and motivating small-group workouts! Get all of the benefits of a personalized workout within a community-driven approach to wellness. Gather 2-9 of your best friends and enjoy a 60-minute weighted circuit or body weight cardio HIIT workout. Michelle will meet your group in a location of your choice and provide all of the necessary equipment so that you can make the most of your time on the island.

These 60-minute workouts take place in a location of your choosing and include a warmup, workout, cool down, and post-workout stretching.

Book your small group session HERE.

Large Group Workout (1 Hr)

There's a reason that group workout classes are so popular. Aligning your fitness goals with others is not only a cost-effective way to stay healthy, but it also builds a community in which you can both give and receive motivation and accountability. Groups of 10 or more can enjoy 60 minutes of highly customizable fitness instruction at a location of their choosing. 

Book your large group session HERE.

Stretch And Restore

For small groups who prefer a slower-paced session rather than a high-intensity HIIT or weighted workout, Michelle can facilitate a stretch and restore session, bringing the equipment to you (yoga mats, towels, etc) in the location of your choice. The best part? Mimosas or other drink of choice are included!

Book your stretch and restore session HERE.

FREE 15min Consultation

New to your fitness journey and unsure which class is right for you? Take advantage of a free, 15-minute consultation where you can ask Michelle about the differences between personal and group training. You'll go over all the details and what to expect from any available workout, meal plans, programs, and available packages. 

Book your free consultation HERE.

Ready to get started? Get to know Michelle on Instagram or book your workout session through our concierge service!

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