7 Things To Do in Charleston This August

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19 Jul 2016
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If you can’t beat the heat…enjoy it! We might not be able to promise you lower temperatures, but we can certainly keep you feeling cool during an Island Realty vacation! (What’s especially cool? These sales we're running on all August stays!)

There’s still time to plan a perfect end-of-summer getaway for August. Need a few reasons to visit the Lowcountry for that last summer hurrah? We thought you’d never ask!

7 Things To Do In Charleston This August

1. Get Closer
You’ve still got a few weeks before the kids head back to class. If you ask us, there’s no better place to get your summer reading done than in the car on the way to the beach. Plus, if you haven’t spent the quality time with your family that you’ve been meaning to this summer, now’s the time. Make some memories that will last your little ones far beyond when their teacher asks them “what did you do this summer?”

2. Get Fresh
It’s hard not to have food on the brain when there’s so much incredible produce all around us this time of year! Check out the Charleston Farmer’s Market downtown on Saturday mornings or the Mount Pleasant Farmer’s Market on Tuesday afternoons and take home all the fresh produce you can imagine. Enjoy it throughout your stay and back home, too!

3. Get Down
It’s that time of year again! Every summer, Charleston’s own Darius Rucker performs with his band, Hootie and The Blowfish on Daniel Island. The two nights of performances are sell-outs every year—with good reason! The band captures all the spirit of the South and puts on incredible shows. Grab your flip flops and your dancing shoes (we won’t tell anyone if they’re the same!) and come spend August 6-7 at an Island Realty house. Pick which night you want to see the band perform and buy your tickets now, they’ll sell out soon!

4. Get Patriotic
What do you mean bocce ball isn’t an Olympic sport? Nobody told us. Luckily, it doesn’t matter if the most athletic you want to get on vacation is walking from your front door to the beach. Watch Team USA take on the world from the comfort of your Island Realty home. The games start on August 5, so plan a trip anytime for the three weeks following and you’ll get to witness some of the world’s best athletes doing what they do best. And, hey, if you decide you want to compete, too, we can help you set up a golf round!

5. Get Inspired
We’re not above admitting that it gets a little toasty around here in August. Might we suggest a midday stroll through some of Charleston’s finest art galleries to provide some air-conditioned relief? From abstract to portraiture, there’s a gallery (or ten) for everyone downtown. You can easily spend hours walking through the beautiful spaces.

6. Get Wet
Sure, there’s the beach. Yep, there are tons of properties with private pools. Absolutely, you can head out in a boat charter and spend the day on the ocean. But if you’re feeling another type of water, try one of Charleston County’s Waterparks! There’s Splash Island Waterpark nearby in Mount Pleasant. It’ll entertain you and the kiddos all day.

7. Get Romantic
Find a new summer love? Want to show your long-time sweetie how much you care? Nothing says “I love you” like a romantic beach vacation. Whether you spend the whole trip in your Island Realty home or you venture to one of the gourmet restaurants or historic attractions in the area is totally up to you. We won’t judge either way; we’re just here to give you the best location to reconnect with your honey.


Need another reason to visit Charleston in August? Call our expert team of vacation planners today at (844) 810-8204 and let them list all the reasons you should be here!

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