Posted on 4/20/2021 by Angie Schnell

How to Make Your Vacation Eco-Friendly

When you're on an island as beautiful as the Isle of Palms, you want to make sure that it's just as beautiful in 20 years as it is today. This means that whether you're a full-time resident, or just a visitor here for a short time, we have a responsibility to take care of our environment and protect it as much as possible. When on vacation, though, we tend to gravitate towards quick and easy options that we won't have to keep track of. It can be difficult to be eco-friendly when you're traveling, but we're here to help! 

To celebrate Earth Day this year, we're giving you five tips on how to make your vacation eco-friendly (these tips can be used no matter where you're traveling, too!)

1. Ease off of the thermostat!

When you walk into your rental for the first time after being in the heat and humidity of the Lowcountry, it's easy to want to turn the thermostat down as low as possible. To protect the longevity of the AC unit, and in turn, use less energy, give yourself time to adjust to the temperature inside. If it's still too hot, try to opt for utilizing the ceiling/box fans, or packing a variety of layers to accommodate for a change in temperature (this goes for vacationing in the winter too!)

2. Let the natural light in!

Why have overhead lights on when we're on an island with beautiful sunny skies? When possible, keep the blinds open and let that natural light illuminate the room! When you do have the lights on, make sure you're turning them off when you leave the room or your rental for the day. This will use up less energy, and allow you to enjoy the beautiful environment that we have here!

3. Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Just because you're on vacation, doesn't mean that there aren't eco-friendly options for common waste! 

Reduce your overall waste production!

  • Go for reusable options like aluminum or multi-use plastic water bottles (like a Hydroflask, Nalgene, or Camelbak!) whenever possible. This will contribute to less landfill waste, and also keep our beaches clean!
  • You can also use paper/biodegradable items like paper plates and cups; they even make biodegradable coolers now!
  • When you see trash left behind on the beach (even if it isn't yours) you can help the planet by putting these items in trash/recycle bins on your way back to your beach house/condo.
  • Instead of buying fast food which comes with the trash that can't be recycled, opt for making food at your rental! All of our rental properties have full kitchens, so there's always the opportunity of staying in when possible!

Reuse: your linens!

  • Our housekeeping team delivers fresh towels and sheets to your rental before check-in. If you don't wash your towels and sheets daily at home, why do it on vacation? Reuse your bath towels to reduce water and electricity waste! If needed, utilize the washer and dryer in your rental property. Having fresh towels delivered and full cleans throughout your stay not only costs additional money but means that we are doing more loads of laundry in our commercial-sized equipment. These washer and dryers use more water and energy than standard appliances, so conserve whenever possible!

Recycle your paper products, plastic bottles, cans, and boxes!

  • If you do use single-use products during your stay, make sure you're putting recyclable items in the correct bins! Our private homes have blue recycling receptacles that are collected weekly, and condo complexes have separate recycling bins where you can drop these items off.

4. Travel on two wheels instead of four!

  • The entire island of Isle of Palms is just 6 miles! This means that there are plenty of opportunities to bike and walk instead of hopping in the car. You'll also notice that there are bike racks at every corner, making it much easier to use these modes of transportation, and less time scouring the parking lot for an empty spot. This is a great way to see more of the island, and get some exercise too!
  • Bonus tip: if you're going to Downtown Charleston, use the CARTA system of public transportation around the peninsula! Most of these routes are free, and again, less trouble with parking!

5. Sustainably experience nature!

  • Try to utilize electric and non-motorized attractions when touring the coastal waters and surrounding areas. This can include paddleboarding, kayaking, or even sailing! 

We love our beautiful island, and hope you will too! Help us celebrate Earth Day everyday by implementing these practices next time you're on vacation!

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