Posted on 8/12/2016 by Angie Schnell

Appealing to Winter Renters

How similar are people when it comes to their vacation habits? Does every person in the world want to take a week-long vacation in July and hit the beach? We admit, it's hard to imagine anyone not wanting that...but, no, the answer is that not every person does. Some people--hold on to your sunhats--aren't interested in the beach during the summer. *Gasp!* 

Just kidding--about the gasping part, at least. There are plenty of people who love the beach, specifically (and rightfully) Isle of Palms, in the cooler months. Fall and winter on IOP? We get it. Our little slice of heaven is pretty ideal then. 

So, as a vacation rental and property management firm, what do we do to appeal to the winter-beach-lovers out there? We give them what they want. 

Every year, a number of houses on our vacation rental program offer monthly stays during the winter. These monthly winter rentals range from one to more than five bedrooms, appealing to a wide array of people. There's the typical 'snowbird' who lives in a colder clime and wants to fly south for the winter to bask in the perfect winter beach weather. There's the out-of-town family members who want to be nearer their loved ones for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and winter breaks and find it easier to rent a property for a few months than to constantly be traveling and checking in and out of new places. There's also the people who did love the beach in the summer, so much so that they've decided to give the Charleston area a tryout as a potential long-term home. What better way to test run a new city than to stay for a few months on the beach that made you fall in love with it in the first place?    

Owners who choose to list their properties with us as monthly rentals in the winter love knowing that their unit will be cared for and valued by someone for an extensive period of time. They also, along with our guests, appreciate our dedicated staff of vacation planners who specialize in these monthly winter rentals who are always available to answer questions and take bookings. 

Our website also makes it easy for guests to get important monthly information and see available properties

While we're willing to concede monthly rentals might not make sense for every vacation rental firm in every location, we have certainly seen the success of the program for both our owners and guests. Bring on the snowbirds!

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