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Caring for Your Property After Peak Season

Now that the summer season is starting to wrap up, and fall being just around the corner, it's the perfect opportunity to focus on making updates to re-energize and refresh your property! Being at peak occupancy for the past 3 months takes a toll on a property, and even the "minor" things need attention. As a team, we focus our efforts in assisting our homeowners perform the necessary tasks to help refresh and revitalize each property, to get ready to do it all again next summer!

Maintaining the integrity of our homeowners' properties is one of our top priorities at Island Realty! We recommend that our owners schedule a deep clean after the summer season to ensure a successful and enjoyable fall and winter season for our future guests.

What can our owners do to refresh their properties?

  • Spruce up their landscaping
    • First impressions matter! When a guest drives by your rental property, what is the curb appeal telling them? Make sure the outside areas look just as good and get as much attention as the inside does!
  • Touch up on painting throughout the property
    • After families coming in and out of your property all summer long, there are bound to be some scuffs on the walls, and some noticeable wear and tear. A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference, and can even be the deciding factor that a guest chooses when picking out the property that they decide to rent. 
  • Refurbish the floors
    • A vacation rental sees a lot of foot traffic all year round. Refurbishing the floors ensures that your property looks refreshed and taken care of, not neglected. 
  • Pressure wash the exterior of home and outdoor furnishings
    • Pollen, sand, saltwater, and more, your rental property sees it all. A good pressure washing of all of the exterior areas will make sure that your home looks clean and maintained, and always at its best.
  • Stock up!
    • Talk to your Owner Representative, and look over our MSI (Standard Inventory) list. Does your rental property have everything you need to be ready for renters? If not, the off-season is also a great time to replace/add in any of these items.

​How often should things be replaced?

  • KITCHEN INVENTORY/COOKWARE - Replace and update annually. Higher quality will extend life. 
  • SMALL APPLIANCES - Replace as needed. Blenders and coffeemakers will need replacement often. 
  • APPLIANCES - 6-8 years or as needed. (Dishwasher, Stove, Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer) 
  • BLANKETS/BEDSPREADS - 2 years. Higher quality will extend life. 
  • MATTRESSES - 4-8 years. Longevity is based on quality and type. Mattress covers are recommended to prevent allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, and moisture damage. 
  • UPHOLSTERED FURNISHINGS - 3-5 years. Scotch guard recommended. Cleaned annually. Sleeper sofas should have innerspring mattresses and commercial frames and mechanisms for durability. 
  • CHAIRS (Bar Stools, Dining Chairs) - 3-5 years. Replace upholstery as needed. Clean periodically as needed. 
  • CARPET - 5-6 years. Padding should be 6lb density. Cleaned 2-3 times per year, minimum. 
  • VINYL FLOORING - 5-7 years. 
  • INTERIOR PAINT- 3-4 years. Bi-annual touch-up. 
  • EXTERIOR PAINT- 5-7 years. Will vary due to location and type of exterior finish. 
  • BLINDS - Replace as needed. No Verticals recommended. 
  • DRAPERIES - 3-4 years. Lined Backing is recommended. Launder/dry clean as needed. 
  • DECK/POOL FURNITURE - Longevity based on quality and type. Plastic 1-2 years; Wooden 4-6 years. Polywood and similar products have a longer warranty by manufacture. 

Cleanliness and presentation are two factors that can positively help make your property more desirable to renters! If your property looks refreshed and feels clean upon first inspection by the guests, then you are less likely to have issues with those guests during their stay. Also, when prospective guests are researching rentals online and see your property looks updated, you are more likely to have an increased successful rental rate compared to a property that looks dated and worn out. In addition to thoroughly cleaning your property, updating the furnishings and decor to have a neutral cohesive design will make your unit significantly more appealing. Post-summer season is the perfect time to address these issues!

All of our Owner Representatives make it a necessity to get in touch with their homeowners during this time of the season and discuss the recommendations they have for them. Each Owner Representative will review the past year and go over any bad reviews that impacted each property's rental performance. The representatives will then address any issues,and discuss with the homeowners regarding what needs immediate attention and what could be put off until more revenue is earned. This partnership approach has been very successful in the past, and we can see it continuing to be beneficial and positively effective in the future! 

Interested in learning more about our vacation rental program? Eager to get a rental projection? Contact our Business Development Manager, Collins Atkinson, to answer any potential questions you have about coming onto our program!

Collins Atkinson
Business Development Manager

Phone: (843) 242-1076

Are your clients interested in using Island Realty to manage their property? Collins is here to help both vacation rental and long-term owners understand how the range of services we offer will maximize their investment.


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