Posted on 9/23/2020 by Angie Schnell

The Charleston Bucket List for Couples

The city of Charleston is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. No matter what time of year you're are visiting, there are lots of things you can do to make the trip special. In this edition of our Charleston Bucket List series, we're laying out a few of the best ways to create new memories with your partner. Don't forget to download this list + other awesome activities for couples at the end! 

Table for Two, Please!

The Obstinate Daughter, Image Credits Aimee Faucette

​These are some of the best and most romantic restaurants in the area, perfect for a night out with your special someone or for a nice brunch date to start out your day!

Step Inside Your Favorite Rom-Com

Recreate one of the most romantic movies of all time, the Notebook! Head over to Boone Hall Plantation (otherwise known as Allie's Summer home) and learn the history behind the plantation. While you're there, stroll down the Avenue of Oaks and it'll feel like you're in the movie yourselves!

Boone Hall Plantation, Image credits to Country Living Magazine

  • Bonus stop: the American Theater on King St.

Treat Yourself (And Your Partner!) to Something Special

Barrier Island Eco Tours Dolphin Sunset Cruise, Image Credits Aimee Faucette

Tour a Gallery or Two!

Robert Lange Studios, Image credits Aimee Faucette

​Charleston's Gallery District is full of different opportunities to soak in the local art scene! Some of our favorites are Robert Lange Studios and The Gibbes Museum of Art.

Have an Impromptu Photoshoot

S. Battery St. (Downtown Charleston), Image Credits Aimee Faucette

​Charleston is such a photogenic place, perfect for getting photos of the two of you! Whether you're taking selfies or hiring a photographer, explore the streets of Downtown and capture the memories and beauty of the city around you!

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