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13 Jul 2016
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If it’s midday on a summer Saturday, you know where to find us. Or, if it’s lunch time on a Tuesday, you know where to find us. Dinner on a Thursday? Yes. Okay, fine, if it is any time of any day and you’re looking for usyou’ll probably find us at Home Team BBQ on Sullivan’s Island.

One of three Home Team locations in the Charleston area, the Sullivan’s Island Home Team is definitely our fav. Partly because it’s just a few minutes from our office, and partly because the idea of walking from the beach to the restaurant, getting a Gamechanger (the official drink), some wings, and some pulled pork, and then being able to walk directly back to the beach is, well, a game-changer.

If you’re now asking, what’s in a drink so powerful they can call it a Gamechanger? Let us explain: gold Caribbean rum, spiced Caribbean rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and a dash of fresh nutmeg. Trust us on this one, if you’re over 21, you’re going to want to order yourself one.

Something the entire family can enjoy? Personal favorites include the pulled pork nachos (get them without pork and they’re the vegetarian nachos of your dreams) and, of course, the wings.

Here’s something that might shock you. Amidst all the incredible food, our favorite part about Home Team (and you’ll find this at any of their three locations) is the atmosphere. The people who are there are happy, they’re full and full-hearted. If you’re visiting our area, Home Team is a great place to stop in and feel some of that Southern hospitality. You’re almost guaranteed to make some new friends while you’re there—after all, what says “want to be best friends?” quite like toasting a frozen drink and chomping down some wings together?

It’s our commitment at Island Realty to ensure you not only have the best accommodations during your vacation, but also the best overall experience. Ask any of us for our favorite restaurants, activities, or places to see and we’re more than happy to point you in the right direction!