Homeowners Association Manager

Brenda Manigault joined the Island Realty team in February of 2015 as the Homeowner Association Manager and made an immediate impact in the annual rentals department.

Brenda, a native Charlestonian, grew up on James Island and received an associate’s degree in business administration from Columbia Commercial Business College.

As the Homeowners Association Manager, Brenda enjoys interacting with people, researching and investigating, and following through with the repairs and administrative portion of the job.

Her dedication and determination to complete any and all tasks in a timely manner, along with her willingness to work hard and put in the time until the job is done right, has made her an invaluable asset to the Island Realty team.

Current Associations managed by Brenda:

  • Ventura Villas
  • 20 Grand Pavilion
  • Island House
  • 2000 Palm Blvd.
  • The Islands Association
  • Pavilion Place
  • New Parrish Village

Contact Brenda today to find out more about Island Realty’s HOA program by calling (843) 242-1088 or emailing her at brenda@islandrealty.com.