Posted on 9/23/2016 by Angie Schnell

Meet Collins!

The decision to use a property manager, and if so, which one, can be a difficult one for some people. At Island Realty, we know that our property management services take stress away from our property owners. We'd like to take away as much stress as possible from our potential property owners, too. That's why we've hired Collins Atkinson as our new vacation rental business development manager. If you're interested in potentially using Island Realty as your vacation rental property management firm, Collins is here solely to make your life easier. 

Collins, a native of South Carolina, moved to Charleston after graduating from Southern Wesleyan University, where he studied accounting and business management.

 At Island Realty, Collins is here to tell vacation rental owners how they can make more money from their property, without having to do more work. His goal is to prove that these owners can sleep better at night when they use a company like Island Realty and know that their property is being monitored, serviced, and advertised properly. 

Collins is ready and excited to answer any questions you already have about Island Realty, and some you might not have thought of yet!

If you're interested in learning more about Island Realty's vacation rental property management, email Collins today and start the conversation.  

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