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How to Live Like a Pogue in Charleston

No matter if you are team Kook or team Pogue,

if you have watched the hit Netflix show Outer Banks, you have probably noticed a few iconic Charleston landmarks (we're looking at you, Ravenel Bridge!) Well, Poguelandians rejoice! You can visit many of the show's filming locations in real life. While you are staying with us in your incredible vacation rental, plan a day to explore downtown Charleston and create your own action-packed adventure. Just like John B. and Sarah!

We see many recurring filming locations throughout every season of this Netflix Original series. Here are some of our favorite local spots that you can see for yourself!

Shem creek - mount pleASANT

A local favorite decorated with seafood restaurants and bars galore, Shem Creek is where the majority of the show's boating scenes were filmed. Haddrell's Point Tackle and Supply Shop was even used as the iconic entrance to Kildare Harbor, where Heyward's Seafood is located (Geechie Seafood in real life).

The Wreck of the Richard and Charlene

You don't have to think very hard to figure out what part this casual eatery played in the show. The local restaurant, The Wreck of the Richard and Charlene is Kiara's parents' popular restaurant, making many appearances throughout both seasons of the show.

Edmondston-Alston House

On their first trip to Charleston, our favorite motley crew end up in the company of Carla Limbrey. Her Lowcountry home was filmed in the historic Edmondston-Alston House in downtown Charleston. Tourists looking to visit the home and learn more about its long history can book a tour Monday-Saturday.

In the first two seasons of Outer Banks, our beloved Pogues take a trip to Charleston to dig deeper into the history of Denmark Tanny and his historical ties to the City. However, what you may not know is that most of the show (save the scenes in Barbados) was filmed right here in our backyard! Many Charleston landmarks were passed off as the real-life location of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Here are some iconic Charleston moments from the first two seasons that you may or may not have realized are right here in Charleston!

Lowndes Grove

This historic Charleston landmark plays Sarah Cameron's stunning waterfront home, Tanneyhill Plantation. Lowndes Grove is a popular wedding venue with 14 acres of beautiful landscaping.

Dunes West Golf Club

Nothing screams 'best summer ever' like an outdoor movie! Sarah Cameron and John B. enjoyed theirs at Charleston's Dunes West Golf Club. Although the club itself is members-only, the onsite restaurants are open to the public!

Ben Silver

Fresh off of the ferry, Sarah Cameron and John B. make a pit stop to make a quick outfit change before heading to the UNC-Chapel Hill library. The store they visit (Ben Silver), is actually located on King Street - right in the heart of Downtown Charleston!

Washington Square Park

On their way to the college library, our dynamic duo took a stroll through a park that many Charleston natives would instantly recognize! Washington Square Park is right in the center of Charleston's historic district- directly behind City Hall!

Gaillard Center

They finally make it to the library - only it's not a library at all. Well, not in real life, that is. The UNC-Chapel Hill Library is played by Charleston's own Gaillard Center. A leader in performing arts, the Charleston Gaillard Center is deeply rooted in the community and is committed to elevating local and regional voices to reflect the city's diversity, both on stage and off.

Morris Island Lighthouse

At the end of Folly Beach, one of Charleston's most adored public beaches, stands a lighthouse known as the Morris Island Lighthouse. This local landmark is better known as the Redfield Lighthouse in the Outer Banks universe. There is currently a multitude of preservation methods being done to this lighthouse.

This quaint hotel will look familiar to those with a keen eye. That's because it plays the part of the Summer Winds Motel, where John B. and Pope break their way into a room. If you want to stay in the room that was used for filming, just ask for room 229 (although, we strongly recommend getting a whole house to yourself through Island Realty instead!)!

Old Village of Mt. Pleasant

Although you may know it as the location of the Kildare County Sheriff's Office (and the background of many Kildare scenes in general), the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant is a peculiar piece of history that stretches from Shem Creek to the Pitt St. Bridge. This historic community was created to protect, preserve, and enhance the architecture of the Old Village as well as encourage civic pride. Visitors today can visit Pitt Street Pharmacy and Soda Shoppe, a selection of restaurants, and block after block of historic and architecturally significant homes.

The Palmetto Islands County Park

On the complete other side of Mount Pleasant is one of Charleston's most incredible County Parks. The Palmetto Islands County Park makes it simple to spend an entire day out in nature, whether you prefer to go kayaking or bring little ones to Splash Island water park. There is even a 50-foot observation tower with incredible views that was the filming location of the Hawks Nest Tower. Although we recommend taking one of the slides down instead of falling like John B!

St. Thomas & St. Denis Parish (exterior)

On their never-ending quest to understand the history behind the lost gold, our main crew finds themselves at Freedman's Assembly of God. An abandoned church with historical significance (we won't say any more!!). The exterior of this church is St. Thomas & St. Denis Parish, the location of the 1876 Cainhoy Massacre.

If you're a true fan of the series, you have probably already finished all of season 3. If not, we'll try not to give away too much! Our favorite Pogues find themselves back in Charleston after returning from Barbados. This gave them so many new opportunities to explore our beautiful home, including:

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

Arriving in Charleston any other way just wouldn't make sense. Although, if we are thinking realistically, anyone coming from North Carolina wouldn't have any reason to cross that bridge. However, it made for a great cinematic moment seeing the Twinkie up among the clouds! If you're visiting us from out of town, taking a walk or a run over the bridge is an incredible experience. There is even a park at the bottom of the Mount Pleasant side called the Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park. It features a playground, picnic tables, community events, and more!

Charleston Museum

Our archetypes visit the ACTUAL Charleston Museum for these scenes (a refreshing change of pace!) Fun fact: our Marketing Content Coordinator, Jessie, was cast as an extra in these scenes. You can see her walk across the screen in Season 3, Episode 5!

If you need help choosing which locations to visit or which tours to book, you can always reach out to our concierge team. At the end of the day, know that your perfect vacation home is waiting to welcome you back!

Island Realty is in no way associated with NETFLIX or Outer Banks.
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