Isle Clean It & Isle Fix It

With in-house maintenance (Isle Fix It) and housekeeping (Isle Clean It) departments, Island Realty has the ability to meet and exceed our owners' and guests' expectations and needs. Our housekeeping rates are very competitive within the market, and we strive to exceed our competitor's standards in the industry.

Our maintenance department allows Island Realty to quickly and efficiently tackle issues as they arise. Guests have come to expect service levels on par with hotels, and our in-house maintenance department allows us to triage issues without relying on third-party vendors. Island Realty's maintenance staff is consistently able to beat local vendors on hourly rates and can often troubleshoot problems over the phone at no charge to the owner. In addition to lower costs to our owners, our maintenance staff is more familiar with our properties and better suited to respond to issues that may arise.

Check out Isle Clean It's web page for more info on rates and services.

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