Why you need a variety of properties.

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16 Sep 2016
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Property Management Expert Series

Our long-term rental department is hard at work throughout the year trying to match renters with their ideal properties. One way the long-term rental property managers are able to do so is by ensuring we have a wide variety of options to offer potential long-term renters. 

While niche markets certainly work for some property management firms, given the diverse and ever-expanding population of the Charleston area, we prefer to have rental units that span the spectrum. 

From one-bedroom condos to five-bedroom homes, there's a size for everyone. We also cross locations. Whether renters are looking for units on Isle of Palms, in Mount Pleasant, Summerville, downtown Charleston, or beyond, we are able to help them. Then there are the other matters that can make or break a rental agreement: furnished vs. unfurnished and pet-friendly vs. not pet-friendly. We have all of the above.

Why is our expansive inventory a point worth making? Because as property managers, we believe in helping people find a place to call home, whether they stay there for a year or ten years. We wouldn't be able to accomplish our end goal of getting people into places where they can live their best lives without being conscious of having a unit at every size, description, and price point. 

What's more, we strive to make it easy to find the ideal Island Realty property. Our long-term rentals page has a convenient search feature, so a renter can filter through only the rentals that apply to him or her. Our staff is also always available to answer any questions or give advice on units, prices, and locations to potential renters. We encourage anyone in the market to call our team at (843) 886-4041 or email us for answers and recommendations.